Hi Lash Lovers!


Our Mink Lashes are created to last between 15-20 wears if cared for properly! We're here to help you get the absolute most out of your beautiful lashes to keep them as fluffy and fresh as possible. 

 We also feel the struggles of buying a gorgeous pair of lashes and not being able to apply them properly. Follow our step by step guide to applying those fluffy little babies perfectly!


Maintenance and Care 

Clean your lashes after every use. Don't use a makeup wipe as this can result into losing some of the hairs and getting bits of fluff stuck in the lashes. Instead, add a drop of washing up liquid or soap into a glass and fill with warm water. Place the lashes in the water. Let them soak for a good 20 minutes until the water is cool. Next, place the lashes onto a tissue or towel. If the remaining glue has not naturally peeled off in the water, gently use your fingertips to pull off the remaining previous glue. Allow to dry and brush through with a spoolie. 

Never share your lashes with other people. Just like other eye products such as mascara wands, eyeliner etc. it can result in an unpleasant eye infection. 

For the best looking lashes, keep your lashes in the box they arrived in - or any clean box for that matter. Keeping your lashes out may result in you getting lots of dirt, dust and fluff in your eyes which could irritate your eyes. (You could also lose them!)


Step 1

Gently remove the lashes from the box.

Step 2

Measure your lashes against your eye. Chop the ends off to your desired length. If you don't your eyelashes may feel uncomfortable and may unstick easier.

Step 3

Apply glue across the lash band and leave for 30 seconds. We recommend Eyelure or Duo lash glue as we have found these are the best glues and keep your lashes stuck on all night! A good glue is the key to the perfect lash application. 

Step 4

Tilt your head back so your eye is closed but you are still able to see what you are doing. Carefully place the lash in the centre of your eye by holding the lash by the HAIRS and not the band. If you stick them on by the band your fingers are most likely to get stuck and end up pulling the lash back off. press down lightly for 30 seconds in the inner and outer corner for 30 seconds and your lash should be on perfectly! 

Step 5

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